Saturday’s Musing


What ever happened to giving someone your word about something and sticking to it? Have we seriously managed to morph into a society that believes a ‘promise’ is closer to a goal than an oath? Once upon a time that word meant something, the word itself was sacred – it gave one hope that perhaps humanity is decent after all. Perhaps people could change, perhaps friendships, relationships and family were actually our priority, but instead, we are left only with the realisation that nothing is stronger than our own desire. And as we all know, human desire will always lead us astray.

The worst part is, these so called ‘promises’ are embedded into our society so deep that we barely even realise how much we let each other down. From the law, to marriage, to political play – they are every where. We grow up believing in fairy tales, only to realise that adulthood is the worst fairy tale of them all and there’s no escape. There is no escape from the fact that as a society, we are our own worst enemy. We bicker and fight and cheat our way through life. We push each other away and then complain about being alone because there are no trustworthy people left out there. We have the highest divorce rates in centuries and we still believe that vows are sacred. Politicians continually, and very conveniently, forget their ‘guarantee’s’ and yet we continue to fall into the trap and re-elect the next best thing that comes along. How the hell are we supposed to work together as a society, as a team, to help each other and to grow when we can’t even trust our neighbour anymore? It seems to me like we’re heading backwards and not moving forward.

Am I the only one still out here that honours the notion of a promise? Can anyone else clearly distinguish between ‘I promise you’ and ‘I will do my best?’ Perhaps not… but maybe this thing we seemed to have lost is far more important than we think.

Over to you.


What do you think?

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