Chapter 7 & part of 8.

The men placed their hands on the girl’s shoulders and demanded they stand. Jeremy reached for the phone, and smiled, “If you’d kindly follow the McCabe brothers I will meet with you again shortly. They will lead you to the… ah,” he stammered for a moment and then winked, “the next step.”

He said nothing more as the girls were ushered out of the room. “Where are you taking us?” Kimberly said.

Neither of the McCabe brothers replied.

“What? You’re not going to say anything?”

The taller one mumbled something, though she couldn’t understand it any more than she could an alien’s groan. “Kim, dear,” her Aunt interjected, “Perhaps it’s better to stay quiet…”

“Why on earth would I be quiet? Can’t you see what’s happening?” Sprinklings of panic began to echo through her voice.

“I’m just thinking logically.”

The men were still silent as they stepped into the elevator. The shorter brother hit the button to the lowest parking level and stood between them and the door.

“Logically?” Kimberly shot back, “How on earth is letting this happen logical?”

“Well,” she began, “Richard was an Accountant for Christ’s sake. He wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t a mob member and he certainly wasn’t involved in anything that could have harmed me.  He was a good person Kimberly. There must be some kind of mistake.”

“Then what do they want? You must have some idea?”

Cassidy thought for a moment, rummaging through all of Richards suspicious activities. But there wasn’t any. She couldn’t find anything. She sighed, “I have no idea. But,” she continued slowly, “I intend on finding out what the hell is going on, and what this bastard wants.”

Kimberly groaned. Her thoughts were divided between wishing she’d never agreed to join her Aunt, being thankful that she had so as to hopefully stop her from doing anything too risky and dreaming that this might have been the holiday they had actually imagined.

Ping! The door parted and the men led them out into the seemingly empty carpark.


Chapter Eight


Finally the shorter brother spoke, “We’re not going to harm you.”

“Then where are we going, and why are you forcing us?”

“We’re just the delivery boys.” The other said, leading them to a black BMW parked a few metres away.

“That’s a nice way to put it.” Kimberly answered angrily.

“Just get in the car and stay quiet will you.” He said, “I hate to break it to you lady, but we don’t really give a damn about why you’re here. We’re just following orders. All we want is our pay cheque, not a life story   from some spoilt teenager and her ignorant Aunt.”

“Basically, shut up and be patient. Everything will be explained soon enough.” The shorter one added.

“Fine.” She grunted as they slammed the door behind them and buckled their seat belts. Cassidy was still silent, thinking, remembering and trying to figure out what could be going on. Although it quickly proved useless and she finally gave in.


Soon enough the McCabe brothers had pulled up outside of  a Georgian inspired townhouse. Kimberly looked through the tinted windows and muttered to her Aunt, “Well, it doesn’t look like a dark alley way…”

And it wasn’t. The house was three stories tall, with a cream render and old-English windows that perfectly reflected the stone fencing that separated it from the street. It was a quiet area, clearly home to many wealthy families. And Kimberly suspected whoever wanted this apparent information was quiet well off, and presumably connected as well. Not a good combination if they, as it seemed, found themselves on the bad side.

The men hustled them out of the car and led them to the front door. The shorter McCabe brother rang the doorbell, then looked up into a small camera. It swivelled and squeaked as whoever was watching decided to finally let them in. The door parted and they were led to an adjacent sitting room. After a few minutes a small, a well-groomed women stepped into the room. The McCabe brothers began to speak, but she quickly raised a hand and interjected, “Please, don’t interrupt me.”

She wandered across the wide room to where Cassidy was standing and stepped in close, so close she was whispering in her ear, “It’s about time you learn the truth.”

…to be continued. 

© Celsie Richardson 2015



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