Hi, my name’s Celsie and I’m a Thinkaholic…

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking- Albert Einstein.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people pass us every day. We glance across at the stranger with the obscure moustache or the lady with the stunning skirt – but we don’t have time to really think about who they might be. We allow ourselves to become ignorant, because it’s easier that way isn’t it? It’s easier to push past the guy at the station if you don’t have any semblance of empathy or care – the kind that comes from familiarity, from really knowing someone. What would happen to society, if instead of seeing the world as an endless sea of faces, we took just a moment, maybe just half a minute to think about who that person might be?

Perhaps this seems a little strange, I won’t bother trying to argue otherwise – I admit, I’m a tad weird. Don’t be scary about it though, don’t stare at someone for too long, this world doesn’t need any more creeps. Just take a moment to glance at the people around you and ask yourself a few questions that go a little deeper than mere appearance.

What might they be thinking? Where could they be rushing frantically about to? Perhaps you could ponder what makes the smiling strangers appear so at peace, so content with this world despite its chaotic nature. It is only through the understanding that everyone has their own story, their own thoughts and their own odd little quirks that we can truly appreciate the wonders of humanism.

It’s far too easy to place ourselves at the centre of our world – live revolves around me, bla, bla, bla. Who cares?! This idea results in a universe of self-centred worlds; of people thinking only about themselves. And it’s dangerous. Yes, you need to make the final call and decide where you want your life to go and who you want to be (I’m still struggling with this one) but so is everyone else. So can we please start recognising that and begin to think, inquire, ponder and question the world around us? I’m a chronic over thinker, I always seem to be asking myself an infinite array of unanswerable questions – but that craziness, well, it’s what makes me, me. I think we all need a dose or two of curiosity and crazy.

So I’m going to justify my craziness with a quote by Voltaire;

 Judge a man by his questions, rather than by his answers.


What do you think?

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