The Story of a Snail.

I spent 15 minutes watching a snail sluggishly pull itself across about 30 cm of grass. It’s a beautiful, sunny day (finally) what else should I be doing? If you want to learn patience I highly advise you practice the art of snail-watching. It could be a thing, right?

As my sweet, 82-year-old Nanna was in the background gardening she was talking about how much she hates them. It was  rather amusing to hear her rant on about crushing the perfectly innocent creatures.

“Sometimes I accidentally stand on them…” I muttered.

“Never mind about accident dear, I purposefully kill the jolly things.”

I thought about one of the questions from the list, “Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?”

The answer to this should, in my opinion, be obvious clearly the first! In fact an old post “The Courage to Fail”  talks about this quite a bit. What is the point of living in fear? Fear of rejection, fear or not being good enough, fear of not being able to overcome the hurdles you face – it’s all rubbish. Limitations are usually just mindsets. They are warped perceptions about your own ability.

This little snail guy could be journeying across the lawn into its own death, but that doesn’t stop him (or her, I don’t know) he perseveres without fear of the future. If we don’t take that first step outside of our comfort zone then we might very well miss out on an incredible opportunity. Think, how many times have you allowed something potentially wonderful to pass you by because you were too afraid of the alternate outcome? The key to making the most out of life is not lack of fear, it is perseverance. It is choosing to go beyond your comfort zone a little bit more every day…If life’s not a little bit scary then what’s the point? Where’s the adventure? I’m pretty certain in twenty years time we won’t be reminiscing the mundane routine of everyday life.

Also, I’ve set myself a challenge – to deactivate Facebook for two weeks. I began Wednesday night. Social Media just becomes too much after a while, I need to enter the thinking bubble for a bit. Who knows, I might even disappear for a while longer. To add to this, I  won’t be blogging very often over these next few weeks, I need to hide from the world for a while. So if you’d like to be notified when I return to the blogosphere please follow to stay updated. Any support is very much appreciated, and although I don’t write to be read, It’s nice to know I’m not completely crazy! (Just a little, not completely, but a touch of madness is ok).


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  1. Don’t focus on the beginning or the end, focus on the journey. We fear what we don’t understand but, from gaining knowledge, we can overcome our fears and finally start living.

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