Philosophy & all that nonsensical Jazz.

I need a distraction. Yes I love working on this new novel, but I also need an escape.

An important philosophical and moral dilemma...right?
An important philosophical and moral dilemma…right?

Something to fill my brain when it’s not pouring out fictional flourish’s. So I’ve decided to go through this lovely  long list, not necessarily chronologically, but to post my thoughts on each one at least. I’m not a psychologist, philosopher or even a sociologist, I’m nobody notable, I’m just a girl pondering weird questions. I’ve touched on a few of these already, but to give you an idea, the list asks sixty-five “Deep philosophical questions.” I’ll probably post my first part of the series later tonight, or at some ridiculous hour in the morning. I’ve given up trying to battle my insomnia, it seems that when I actually manage to take enough sleeping pills for them to work, I end up unable to wake up. Not fun. So what better solution than to send my brain into a never-ending cycle of confusing questions.





What do you think?

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