Perception & Weird Questions.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the definition of ‘perception,’ and how it can

What Neo perceives is his reality and truth- but only  his...
What Neo perceives is his reality and truth- but only his…

be linked to the idea of ‘truth.’ Everyone has their own way of interpreting a situation, a person or an experience. And they apply the lessons learnt, if any, to their own lives in a very individual way. Perception is a paradigm, it is unique- it is a way of looking at the world around us. If we want to be cynical, then why not, if we want to be overly optimistic, what’s wrong with that? I don’t believe any perceptions are ‘wrong,’ in fact, I’d rather say that all perceptions, even entirely contradictory ones are equally truthful. Google has just informed me (It must be real right? Haha) that a definition of ‘truth’ is; “That which is true or in accordance with reality.” So if everyone firmly believes in their perception, even subconsciously, then it is still a key attribute to their reality and thus, must be true. Am I making any sense?

Today is Father’s day, some have a wonderful family gathering, other’s mourn the absence of their dearly departed, whilst even more may be wondering why he willingly walked out of their life. It’s a perception, but that doesn’t change the facts, it doesn’t change what is true to each individual. Who are we to judge another person for their beliefs? Who are we to say that they don’t have the right, or simply shouldn’t be feeling a particular way?

I thought the best way to conclude this strange rambling would be to ask a few of my friends and family some difficult, thought provoking questions. As you read, note the different interpretations of the question, as well as the differences and similarities in their answers.

The questions were:

  • Where is the line between insanity and creativity?
  • What is true happiness?
  • What is time?


  • The difference between insanity and creativity is the potential for harm. Someone creative could do many things that would be considered crazy, I don’t see them as insane until they intend to do harm towards my life.
  • True happiness is the feeling of utter contentment you get from doing and being with the things you love.
  • Time is a concept constructed by humans so that we may measure the days until our time on earth is at an end.


  • Insanity is when it consumes your life, creativity is where you can make it better and more colorful
  • True happiness is self-determined and can only be found through God.
  • Time is a way to measure everything that has happened in your life, the good times and the bad times. Time can be an unattainable goal, but also a healing power.


  • *laughs for about 3 minutes* You get someone like the chappy who plays piano, who’s sort of weird but brilliant. It depends, what it could be and what it is.
  • Contentment in who you are, it doesn’t depend on possessions or anything, it’s just contentment in all situations.
  • *laughs again* Oh darling… these are difficult questions. It’s not just one thing, it’s not just minutes and days, it can be the stage of life you’re in, can be what you’re enjoying do, time can be anything. It can be your memories.


  • Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results- Einstein. For me creativity is the practical quest for discovering and producing something new.
  • The ability to be content and sure of yourself and to be able to reach joy in all situations. To feel peace in the face of incredible adversity.
  • Time is irrelevant and at the same time, excruciatingly important.

So what do you think about the link between perception and truth? Furthermore, how would you answer these questions? 🙂



What do you think?

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