Keep Calm & Write Something!

Yesterday I got a little bored and wrote a list of twenty opening lines to potential stories. Someone suggested I then expand these into opening paragraphs, and maybe even opening chapters of future novels! imagesCA3ANWXF

Here’s a quick peek at the first. What do you think?

To write is to heal; to pour out all the yucky stuff and type in all the beauty. You become a glass prism, reflecting the world around you into a multitude of colours. It is a way to process all that life possess’ and that is precisely the beauty of such a wonderful art. Nothing is too obscure, nothing too absurd, all of those taboo topics that are hidden throughout history, can be found in literature. What defines a writer? I don’t believe it’s merely the desire to express yourself, it is an addiction. And when that strange, creative flow becomes a vital part of everyday life; an integral aspect of functioning as a somewhat normal human, that is when you know. You realise that writing is much more than a way to pass the time, it is a necessity you cannot deny yourself the opportunity to pursue.


What do you think?

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