Kisschasy’s ‘Dinosaur’ is depressing.

We all experience something different, we all have a different interpretation of what love actually means. Perhaps it begins when we’re little, relying on our parents to meet our needs, right through to meeting that one person and promising them your heart indefinitely. But what about the person who drives you crazy, who somehow has a way of finding their way into your mind despite the best defences. Is that love?

Or is love simply one of those cheesy songs?

Does love mean letting ourselves be emotionally influenced by another, should we in fact allow ourselves to become mentally tied to someone?

I’m a little lost at the moment, I’m stumbling about. If love were to be summarised as being just two things, what would they be? Passion, for sure, and maybe selflessness? I don’t know. Passion, it seems, is the need to be with someone, the fiery part that craves the presence of someone in particular. Passion alone is lust, or so I have been told, and it appears to be a lot easier to find then the latter part- selflessness.

To love someone is to put them first, to cherish them and to desire, deep down, their happiness above your own. It should be the part of you that would do anything for that person, the part that when all is said and done, will do anything to see them smile. Perhaps most significantly, it denotes the desire to take care of them.

So perhaps it ought to be stated that passion alone ends up a hazy mess of non-commitment, whereas a relationship based entirely on selflessness might seem perfect on the exterior, but it is ultimately empty. And what’s the point of an empty, sparkless love?

The perfect combination is a little bit of both, and maybe I have high expectations, perhaps I’m overanalysing. But I think society needs to raise its standards. We need to stop giving ourselves away to the first person that say, ticks a few boxes, but just happens to walk into our lives first. Because honestly, what’s the point?

Love is one of the most powerful emotions of the human condition, so it seems only fitting that we should be a little more careful. A little more weary of how we interact with it, or let it interact with us. Because it is after all, inevitable right?



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  1. “Love” the post. Love is the most powerful force on the planet and yet it is thrown away so easily, misunderstood by most, and never experienced by some. Yes, there are different kinds of love. I gather that you are speaking about romantic love? I completely agree with you that so many give away their love so quickly because someone checks off a few boxes and then are left with a broken heart. What is love? What is true love? What is ideal love? It is both. It is when both people are selfless. I believe that america is in love with the idea of love but few really experience it. even when two people fall in love and marry and begin their lives together, real love comes when you see the ugliness, when you see the faults in someone and you still chose to love them. real love comes when you have been that person with all the ugliness and someone still loves you in return. and sex? that is not love. it is a way to show love. but girls, realize the power you have! do not give it away! make a man work for you! and men, grow up and be a man! (sorry for my little sermon) thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, and yes, that type of love. So nice to hear someone agrees with me about it’s dangers, it’s sad to see people ending up so hurt from something that is supposed to be so beautiful… I definitely agree about the ugliness, the faults, maybe that’s the stage you finally know it’s real? Who knows!


      • Yes! I am married to an absolutely amazing man (smoking hot! Loves Jesus! And hard working. Yes. They do exist!) I always thought I would “mold and change him” and it is so humbling to see all the mess I have caused and what he has loves me through! Can I say this here? When I have been a bitch and he still loves and serves me in the morning. That is love!

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      • Yes, you can say anything haha. It’s the internet! That’s so lovely to hear though 🙂 People need to realise that it’s worth waiting for. Casual dating and one night stands, they’re all worthless in the end.


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