Oops, Love ‘happened’ again…

Something wonderful happens when you figure out what you’re living for, you fall madly in love with life. It’s such a beautiful thing to wake up in the morning and have a reason to jump, or sluggishly drag yourself out of bed. To know that yes, the day may suck, and it might in fact go horribly wrong, but that it’s ok. Because you’re ultimately doing something you love. You’re exactly where you want to be and every minute becomes a precious delicacy.

A few months ago I posted an article called Regrets, Happiness and Time-Machines talking about the power of living in the moment. I finished it with a little bit about what I think is one of the most important things to being happy, finding what you love and pursuing it wholeheartedly. But after writing it I realised something, whilst it seemed to be good advice, my life didn’t reflect what I was saying at all.

To put things in perspective, I was a first year Commerce student fresh out of high school who naively thought that moving to the city and pursuing a ‘safe’ job in finance would make me happy. I’m not sure about you, but copious amounts of economics and statistics work never does anything but inflict multitudes of gruelling misery upon it’s willing victims. I hated it. And worst of all, I was angry at myself for hating it. For being so sure it was what I wanted and for dreaming about it for years, only to find I was wrong. I don’t like being wrong, more so than the average women.

Naturally, I thought the best thing to do was to run away from it all. To take some time to figure out what I really wanted, so one day, in a lecture I decided to go to New Zealand during my mid semester break to ‘find myself’ (I’ll do another post on that wonderful journey another day). So I booked a one way ticket that night and before I knew it I was on my first international flight. When I came back to the wonderful land of Oz I thought why not, I’ll just drop the money making career and pursue writing instead. So here I am, studying Communications and Sociology at Uni and absolutely adoring it!

What’s funny is that I remember my English teacher pulling me aside several times to tell me I should do so after school, even the Sociology part, but I always brushed it off. It’s weird how people can sometimes see us better than we can. Perhaps we’re stuck in a bubble, our bubble of goals and dreams, or even our bubble of fear and it becomes increasingly difficult to see beyond that until it all falls apart. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone straight into Arts and saved myself the extra five-grand on my HECS resulting from my wasted semester. But how else would I have been 100% sure?

What’s my point? Well I know it’s a cliche, but for F*ck sake, follow your heart. Money might buy beer, fancy cars and big houses, but it doesn’t give you a lasting happiness. It doesn’t give you that deep sense of peace that only comes from pursuing what you love. Think, right now, are you where you want to be? Or are you constantly living in the future? Wherever your mind is your heart is, go get it, minds are generally a good thing to keep close by.

Read: The Courage to Fail.


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