Is Nothing Something?

I think I might be the world’s most forgetful blogger, sorry! Most of my writing projects have suffered over the past few months, for which i very much regret. But oh well, only one way to fix it, write God dammit, write!

My sociology lecturer asked us to consider whether or not something was nothing, so i decided I ought to be a good girl and do my homework. Not to mention I adore the course. Here are my thoughts:

What is nothing? And what is something? Are they in fact connected or are these two terms worlds apart? In the literary sense nothing is in fact something. Simply put, it is a word with a meaning, and a definition is something in itself. Nothing is a space, an empty void. Nothing is a cloud of anti-matter. It is the opposite of everything, it is the place where useless words go to die. Nothing is a seven lettered definition of hell. It is a place so desolate and lacking of any form of life that is has become a ghost town waiting patiently for revival. One might argue that nothing is non-existent, but how can that be? Everything exists first and foremost as a thought. Dragons may not be the fire breathing demons who stalk the earth we describe them as, but you know exactly what i mean when i refer to them. Why? Because they are an idea, an idea so carefully constructed through mythology and literature over time that we humans have actually transformed nothing into something.

If someone thinks of nothing is their mind truly empty? No. They are instead thinking about what it would be like to experience such a surreal state. Perhaps they are focused on the word, ‘nothing,’ letting it float through their mind like those dodgy early screensavers. Why do we desire to experience nothing? Just for once you think, just for once i want to feel numb and cold. So void of life that even death becomes something. Are our lives honestly that boring?

Perhaps we ought to re-evaluate our ‘something’? The thing we love most of all, that which we would give anything to have, to achieve or to experience. Because if our something has begun to resemble a ‘nothing’ then what the hell are we doing with our lives?


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  1. You have described the difference between nothing and something well. Chaos is nothing, it is formless always churning in its purposeless directionless darkness, but always with the possibility to bring out of nothing something, if only brief. What has form has been able to oppose the chaos, but the fight to exist is only brief for all that has form melts back into the nothingness it cam from like a snowman in the sun.


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